Arby Barroso

Arby Barroso is an entrepreneur, Cannabis Industry Guru, Radio Personality, and he is committed to leading the industry with a diverse workforce. He has successfully launched one of the largest brands in the Cannabis Industry under the radar.

He recognized that the next phase of Cannabis penetration was not to occur on the THC side of the business but on the CBD side.  He uses his time researching and reviewing studies about Cannabis Scientific breakthroughs.  This information is then used to reinforce the Green Roads Global brand, educate the public, and increase his generosity.  He personally required the gifting of over $84,000 in CBD product to hospitals and families in the last quarter of 2016.  He is inspired by the children that Dr. Lynne Meister sees at the Joe Di Maggio’s Childrens Hospital, and the callers into his Cannabis Life Radio Show.

Regardless of travel required, he makes sure to return to South Florida by Sunday so that he can host his Cannabis Life Radio show every week from 4pm-6pm.  When asked about what he is most proud of, he immediately mentions his family and the non-profit organization “EJ’s Foundation”.

EJ’s Foundation was founded to benefit children with cancer.  The Foundation is named after a little boy who has been given a second chance at life due to Green Roads CBD products.  When Arby met EJ, his physicians were considering radiation treatment.  With the help of CBD, EJ is living the life of a healthy young boy who ; enjoys playing in parks.  When EJ’s mom calls in with a positive MRI report, those are the days that keep Arby motivated to continue with his mission to destigmatize Cannabis.

You can find more information about Arbyand his products at  He is available for consulting, education, and speaking engagements.