Dani Fontaine

In late 2008, Dani started an all-organic edible company with her mom Tracee Box, the company was called Tastee Yummees. Tastee Yummees was the first organic edible company around, focusing on organic healthy and savory treats. The company quickly expanded to being in over 300 shops statewide. By mid 2011, Dani had taken over the majority of the company and teamed up with Cheeba Chews.

Together they made a sister company based off of Tastee Yummees hard candy menu, which included the popular butterscotch candy “Buddee.” In 2012 she sold off her recipes to Cheeba Chews and got out of the MMJ business for a while. Dani went back to school in 2011 to receive certification in massage and esthetics in order to have the knowledge to eventually open a CBD and Hemp based spa and healing center. Her father and her started Colorado Hemp Project in 2013. They were one of the first successful hemp fields planted and harvested.

After seeing a field of beautiful green hemp plants, Dani decided to create a hemp based body care company with her mom as they are a great team. In 2013 Natures Root was created. Dani does all of the recipes and product formulations, Tracee does all the business and runs the spa. Natures Root is an all organic locally grown hemp based body care company, therapeutics line, and nutritional food. Not to forget to mention that Natures Root also opened up the first hemp based spa in the WORLD. Focusing on all things hemp, local, and sustainable healing for our body and earth.

Colorado Hemp Project has expanded into 9 other states (Hawaii, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Kentucky, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Florida and NY) and 2 other (Jamaica and Puerto Rico) countries since 2013. Starting with a 2.5 acre plot and now will be around 13,000 acres by end of this year planted to onwards of 300,000 acres next year. Dani went down to Jamaica last December and planted their first legal hemp crop ever! She currently works with the University in Jamaica, PR and Hawaii, and soon to be Alabama. Natures Root along with Colorado Hemp Project have had wonderful media coverage and some documentaries coming out over the next year. She is ready for more, she says she feels like she hasn’t even gotten started.