Jose Belen

About Jose Belen: Jose is a decorated United States Army Combat Veteran who was part of the initial invasion into Iraq in the spring of 2003 ultimately serving 14 consecutive months of combat in support of both Operation Iraqi Freedom 1 and 2. Jose was Honorably discharged in January 2005 after completing his 3-year enlistment term and immediately entered the workforce. A close family friend referred Jose to AIG to apply for their bilingual insurance professional position. With little qualifications, and only a stellar Army career to prove his worth, Jose interviewed and essentially asked for the job of his life at the time, and in return promised his soon to be supervisor that he would never settle for less than the top producer in the company and work harder than any other employee. Through all of the tumultuousness of AIG going bankrupt and the sale of his division to Farmers Insurance Jose lived up to his promise and was one of the top direct insurance professionals in the United States for nearly a decade.

Why Jose Belen Speaks:

Having a successful career, and the drive and passion to follow through on his professional commitments, one would think all is well. However, Jose was silently battling a PTSD diagnosis that goes back to 2005. Despite his prognosis, Jose dug deep each and every day to professionally excel not only himself, but also his peers. Jose gave all that he could to mentor others to help them achieve their best version of themselves both personally and professionally. Jose Belen speaks to give hope to the hopeless and to not only help save lives but also give people reasons to live. Most combat veterans never speak of the things they saw and did while at war.

Jose’s personal battle with PTSD uncovered a need for someone to stand up and speak on behalf of all those suffering in silence, and for those who may not have a support system to depend on. Sharing his story is like pouring salt on an open wound, but it is something he has been spiritually led to do in an effort to deter PTSD suicide. From one battle field to another, down range in Iraq to conquering a successful corporate career, Jose speaks first hand on overcoming the challenges one faces juggling their personal and professional lives while battling what could be a crippling disorder that claims 8,000+ lives a year. To balance life and death for nearly 13 years is something that may be unnerving, but is insight of what it is like for a combat veteran to work his way to the top and not be defined by a diagnosis. Jose speaks to use his dynamic story to inspire those in the struggle to say, “I have PTSD, PTSD does NOT have me!” and to understand that “The Sky Is Not The Limit”…and it never has been. Understanding what those principals mean is the key that will unlock the power to achieve a life without limitations.

Our Mission:

By having Jose Belen Speak to your organization, you become an essential part of achieving our mission. On average 22 veterans a day lose their battle with PTSD to suicide. Our mission is to reduce this number by creating a community of support that leaves no man left behind. We believe everyone has a story, and they need to know their story matters. Through research with individuals who were on the brink of suicide, one factor was determined to be the reason they are still with us today. And that is they felt a connection to someone and couldn’t bear to leave him or her behind. As Jose Belen shares his personal story of triumph over tragedy, listeners often connect with him and his story on many levels, therefore with your help we will continue to grow a community connection that saves lives!