Jim McMahon


Jim McMahon


Famed NFL veteran Jim McMahon is now tackling critical arguments in favor of medical marijuana, lobbying for widespread legalization​ and the acceptance of ganja as an effective treatment for pain and a healing agent.

To cope with pain, the Superbowl-winning quarterback was faced with the dilemma of  narcotic dependency to remedy his ailments while subsequently dealing with the many side effects.

Medical marijuana provided a safe alternative, enabling McMahon to free himself of prescription painkillers as he began to use cannabis to lessen the symptoms of various debilitating health conditions resulting from his legendary, yet strenuous, football career.

In opposition to the widespread use of narcotics for pain management, McMahon supported the cannabis legalization movement in Arizona, starring in an ad campaign as a political voice in favor of Prop 205.

This initiative allowed for state residents at the age of 21 and older to:

– use up to an ounce of dried marijuana.

– use up to five grams of concentrated resin.

–  possess up to six live plants (with a maximum of 12 per household).

The economic benefits of cannabis were also considered within Proposition 205, proposing the implementation of a chain of retail stores, allowing dispensaries to create jobs and further options for holistic treatment throughout the state.

“This is something that has got to get into the mainstream,” Mcmahon announced in reference to cannabis at the Cannabis in Professional Sports Organization, an organization making use of credible research while driving forward the mission to spread awareness of cannabis’ medicinal benefits within the realm of professional sports.

At the Cannabis World Congress & Business Expo (CWCBExpo), a popular expo remaining current on cannabis trends and promising opportunities within the industry, McMahon touched on the safety benefits of cannabis while discussing the fatal risks of painkillers that are commonly prescribed to the masses .

Jim McMahon is also head of the Players Against Concussions (PAC) Team alongside NHL All-Star Jeremy Roenick. PAC

takes into account the considerable and lasting damage caused by concussions, affecting sports player and more than four million Americans worldwide. The PAC Team seeks to educate the public through comprehensive research and explores safer treatment options to ensure the safety of sports players worldwide.