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Sugarmade Announces Details of BudLife Cannabis Storage Products

Sugarmade, Inc. announces new details of its upcoming BudLife product line, the first patented, container system designed to maintain the integrity of cannabis during long-term storage. Sugarmade and its manufacturing partner, Plantation Corp., have been testing several prototype versions of BudLife over the past few months. The R&D effort and testing program has proven very successful resulting in the creation of a unique and near optimal atmospheric packaging environment for cannabis. This packaging environment helps to preserve THC and terpenes, and preserves other key attributes of cannabis.

Budlife is now in its 4th generation of prototyping with maintenance of the controlled vessel environments being held for several months. The Company plans to launch the first product from BudLife, a one-pint mason jar based unit designed to hold one ounce of cannabis.

“BudLife storage technology is super high tech, unique and strongly protected by multiple U.S. Patents,” said Jimmy Chan, CEO of Sugarmade. “Cannabis quality has increased a lot over the years, but maintaining this high level is not an easy task.  As quality slips during storage, so does value. This is why we have created BudLife. We look forward to being the exclusive distributor of BudLife products to consumers in arguably the single largest cannabis market in the world, the U.S. states of CaliforniaOregon and Washington.”

The White Paper, titled, “Cannabis Storage – The Active Packaging Market Opportunity and Technical Requirements” can be accessed at http://bit.ly/2sQnqw1. Additional information can be seen at the new website at http://www.BudLife.net.