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Control Your Cannabis Grow with New Michigan Automation Company, Growater Controls

Engineers and developers at Growater Controls focus on Michigan’s emerging cannabis industry.

Growater Controls

ROYAL OAK, Mich./ — In a city full of brilliant engineers and developers thanks to the automotive and agricultural industries, Detroit has a lot to offer when providing professional influence on emerging industries, including cannabis. Established in 2017, Royal Oak based company, Growater Controls acknowledges advanced automated controls that are a necessity in flower, vegetable or cannabis growing facilities to help owners manage energy and labor costs, along with conserving water and fertilizers.  While engaging with growers utilizing advanced automated control systems, it became obvious that up front system integration and documented routine preventive maintenance procedures play an essential role in the success of a grow operation.
Control installations often fall short due to the collaboration between vendors, engineers, electricians, plumbers and owners. This is true with simple single zone controllers and advanced control systems such as Climate Control Systems, Argus, HortiMaX and Priva. Once operating, failures arise due to lack of proper system integration efforts, system training and routine system maintenance. Growater Controls is changing that with their team of engineers from their parent company, Coritech Services, who have been providing turn-key solutions for automation and power controls for over 20 years. With Coritech’s extensive experience working with companies such as Ford, GM, DTE Energy, and even the US Military, they offer the growing industry the skilled engineering and support that is needed to control all sizes of a growing operation.

While environmental controls, irrigation management, and water purification systems are commonly used in a grow, the power to run these systems along with all the other equipment required to fully operate is usually overlooked. Backup power is dire especially in states like Michigan where it was reported that the state alone had over 40 weather related power outages according to Eatons Blackout Tracker Report in 2015. Growater is providing power management solutions that are designed by their full-time staff of mechanical and electrical engineers to make sure that your grow is always online and operating if a power outage strikes.

Whether you’re in the beginning stages of a grow, adding on a system to a current grow, or just need help supporting your current grow, Growater Controls can provide a solution that delivers the most out of an automated system setup for maximum production. Start growing in control and learn more about the benefits of automation by visiting www.GrowaterControls.com or call (248) 850-1190.

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