By Aurora’

Continuing to build on the strength of its medical brands, Aurora Cannabis is investing $1.5 million to re-invigorate its science infrastructure at its Aurora Prairie facility in Saskatoon.

Ten cultivation spaces will be dedicated to research and development, making the location at the former CanniMed facility Aurora’s largest indoor cultivation space for cannabis genetics research.

Aurora Prairie will be one of Aurora’s science hubs, home to plant science innovation in tissue culture, research cultivation and analytical chemistry. This hub will add to Aurora’s research capacity by building on its ongoing plant science program already in place in Vancouver, B.C., Bradford, ON, and Edmonton, AB.

Research at Aurora Prairie will focus on identifying new plant genetics with improved characteristics to optimize plant growth and breed high-quality, custom cultivars.

A team of tissue culture experts will be based at Aurora Prairie. Tissue culture, the process of cloning mother plants into thousands of exact copies using only a small number of cells, is important for consistent, high-quality production across Aurora’s facilities. It also functions as a method to back-up valuable genetics to ensure the long-term survival of these plants.

Labs at Aurora Prairie have been updated with new, specialized equipment to increase quality control and analytical capabilities.

Aurora Prairie will continue its collaboration research work with the University of Saskatchewan on pre-clinical and clinical studies.