CanEx Webinar: Cultivation
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CanEx Webinar: Cultivation

Optimizing for Consistency and Yield

Thursday August 27, 2020
11:30am ET

The Cultivation Webinar will examine growing conditions, challenges and opportunities that exist in the Caribbean and beyond. We have leading experts from the industry sharing their knowledge with you on how to optimize for consistency and yield as well to manage pests and consider the benefits between indoor and outdoor cultivation models.


Dr. Darryl Hudson

CoFounder of InPlanta Biotechnology and
Sansero Life Sciences

Andre S. Hill

Master Grower

Cole Phillips

Consulting Agronomist

Eaton ‘Ras Biah’ Evans

Ganja Enthusiast

Cultivator – Cannacure Rastafari Sanctuary

Suzie Nowak


Ridgetop Gardens, Inc