Cole Phillips

Consulting Agronomist

Cole Phillips is a Consulting Agronomist with Bachelor’s degrees in Business and Plant Sciences as well as M.Sc Plant Agriculture – Agronomy.

Cole has been cultivating and breeding cannabis for 19 years and has won multiple awards for his genetics and collaborative projects. As one of Canada’s first commercial license holders, Cole has gained a multitude of experience in the legal cannabis market and has worked closely with regulatory bodies and government agencies.

As a cannabis consultant, Cole has been involved with more than a dozen projects in 7 different countries around the world, developing agronomic programs, providing genetic selection, IPM planning and personnel management and training.

For the past 6 years, Cole has been based in Montego Bay, Jamaica, where he has focused his efforts on advocating and building sustainable agriculture platforms around the island. Since being in Jamaica Cole has consulted on a number of agricultural projects and co-founded 2 large acreage cannabis operations. Cole has now taken on the role of Director of Farm Operations for Jamaica’s only closed loop, regenerative and sustainable cannabis farm, Jamaica Cures, a Tier 2 license holder based in the parish of Trelawny.

Cole Phillips will be a panelist on the Let’s Grow: Heights and Insights. For more information or to register please [click here]