Eaton ‘Ras Biah’ Evans

Ganja Enthusiast
Cultivator – Cannacure Rastafari Sanctuary

Eaton ‘Ras Biah’ Evans, is a successful roots rock reggae artist manager, a manufacturer of natural based products, and a ganja enthusiast. Born December 14, 1970, Ras Biah – hails from the St. Catherine area of Linstead and Spanish Town – graduated from St Jago High School and matriculated to a New York University where he achieved his Bachelors Degree in Financial Management and Psychology.

He is also a strong member of the Ethiopia Africa Black International Congress (EABIC), one of the founding member of the Rastafari and Grassroot Ganja Association (R.A.G.G.A) and the founder and president of the Cannacure Rastafari Sanctuary. Ras Biah’s spiritual connection to the rastafari faith and passion for farming gave him the determination to move deeper into understanding the fundamental benefits of cannabis and how it can heal the four dimensional self of mankind. He also thinks that the developing cannabis industry can be of great benefit to the rastafari community and the world at large

Eaton ‘Ras Biah’ Evans, will be a panelist on the Lets Grow:Starting an operation. For more information or to register please [click here]