Suzie Nowak

President of Ridgetop Gardens, Inc

A commercial farm with greenhouse and outdoor facilities located in Tennessee.  Suzie has been growing commercially for close to 20 years in all types of indoor and outdoor environments and has a degree in Ornamental Horticulture from the College of DuPage.  Ridgetop Gardens was a leading producer of edible flowers for high end restaurants – crops that all grow and behave differently for some of the most demanding customers available.  Under Suzie’s direction, Ridgetop Gardens leveraged its experience in innovative hydroponic methods and switched its focus from commercial production to Cannabis Research.  Suzie is a pioneer in LED based grow environments for Cannabis, using environmental data collection methodology to help commercial growers bring repeatable harvests at increasing profits.  Suzie is involved in multiple Cannabis research projects at both the private and university level and has consulted with many commercial Cannabis facilities in transitioning to LED lighting.

Suzie Nowak will be a panelist on the CanEx Webinar on Cultivation. For more information or to register please [click here]