Joseph Frank

Lead Cultivator & Manager of Jamaican Operations
Silo Wellness

My psychedelic journey began in the Summer of 1998, sampling the psilocybin mushrooms of smart shops in Amsterdam’s red-light district. My fellow travelers and I would buy our mushrooms in little plastic boxes like the kind you would see sushi sold in today. We explored the beautiful canals, tranquil parks, and world renowned art exhibits. To this day one of my happiest memories of Amsterdam is of a time I ate some “Philosopher Stones” (Psilocybin Truffles), and then spent hours in the Van Gough museum. I was taking in haystacks and sunflowers as I had never seen them before. It was a transcendent experience.

That same summer, I discovered that psychedelic mushrooms were not yet specifically illegal in Switzerland. Tourists could buy them in shops right next to bags of cannabis. It wasn’t the specific reason I had come to Switzerland, but I quickly found a home in a small youth hostel in the Swiss Alps. Every day I would meet dozens of new people and undoubtedly, some of them were interested in magic mushrooms. What started off as me leading my fellow travelers to where they could find psilocybin morphed into me creating the best possible experience I could for my new friends and myself as we tripped.

I spent four amazing Summers in that youth hostel in Switzerland and led hundreds of people through their first psychedelic experiences. I had become a trip sitter by accident, and those experiences shaped my life in a profound way. To this day those are still some of my fondest memories.

Eventually I moved back to the United States and gave college a try. I attended Oregon State University in pursuit of an Engineering degree, but in the end I found growing cannabis to be a better fit for me. I spent the next several years cultivating indoor cannabis in Oregon in the black market, and then in the medical grey market of California.

Years later I discovered articles that described how psilocybin has been found to successfully treat trauma and drug resistant depression. Deep in my own battle with depression, I began to seek out all information I could on magic mushroom cultivation. I managed to find several helpful resources and quickly learned that you could buy everything needed to grow mushrooms very easily online.

The first technique I used managed to produce some beautiful little mushrooms, but not enough for my needs. I next discovered the “Mono Tub” technique and quickly had WAY more mushrooms than I wanted to have on hand. I did not want to get involved in the black market again, but I also didn’t want to start storing pounds of dried magic mushrooms in my home.

I was discussing this problem with a friend and he mentioned that a friend of his was a veteran who was having problems with PTSD. My path quickly formed before me, and not long after that, I had a network of individuals for which I was providing mushrooms, free of charge. Anyone who came to me in need of healing and looking for help got it.

I spent several years honing my craft and studying mycology. Today, I manage one of the world’s only functioning, legal, commercial magic mushroom grows. We are working to train Jamaicans here in Montego Bay to help solidify Jamaica’s future in the growing Psilocybin industry. I am helping to create plans to expand, scale up, and diversify our cultivation operations in the Caribbean, but Jamaica is only the first stop in our journey to change the world.

Joseph Frank will be a panelist on the CanEx Webinar on Psychedelics. For more information or to register please [click here]