Lelle Vie
Lelle Vie, Botanical Extractor & Farmers Advocate for All Hemp Source, and Board Member of Maui Hemp Institute, tells us about her relentless efforts to help Hawaii cannabis farmers create new revenue.
Describe your journey into the cannabis industry.
I began using Cannabis Sativa Hemp in the products I made for my spas in 2013. At the Hawaii Farmers Union United Conference in 2015, I became very aware that there is a great need in Hawaii for the farms that I partner with to understand cannabis, terpenes processing and extraction methods, as well as how to bring it safely to market so they can maximize their profits.
From your perspective, where do you see the industry going?
Cannabis is our next agricultural revolution. We have a short window of time to empower our local farmers to establish their farms and product lines before large industries try to take over our lands replacing sugar. I have been traveling over 250 flights in Hawaii over the past four years meeting with farmers to empower them to use their botanical excess to create additional streams of income from their farms. Hawaii is one of the most marketable attributes to brand cannabis. It will be huge, and we’re laying the track work now.
How is the cannabis industry similar to other industries you’d worked in previously?
I enjoy working with taboo botanicals as they are rare and endangered. Cannabis is controversial and keeps my excitement. For the last five years of my life, I have worked closely with the Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood Reforestation Project, which is highly controversial as well, has a tragic history and is now experiencing a glorious rebirth. Through that project, I was able to meet and spend time with a lot of the world’s top natural extractors and perfumers to learn about the origins of their methods. By understanding those guidelines, I can apply them to cannabis extraction.
In what ways can this knowledge be applied in the cannabis industry?
Understanding that each extraction method yields different responses in our body allows us to explore the symphony of creating products for intentional results that achieve well-being. I use each extraction method to complement the next. Terpenes are just being discovered in the cannabis industry. To me, this is very exciting because it allows for the manipulation of an intentional experience and physical response faster than our brain even knows it’s occurring through our olfactory senses. Cannabis users can now choose the influences of a chemovar by enhancing it with specific molecules. It’s a lot of fun creating those experiences.
What do you hope to achieve at CanEx Jamaica this year?
I look forward to learning and sharing my knowledge, meeting farmers while hearing their stories. I love connecting investors with the right intentions with those in need. I hope to meet more people looking to connect with Hawaii as well as fellow botanical extractors.
To learn more about the hemp industry in Hawaii, listen to this Town Square radio broadcast on Hawaii Public Radio.