Friday September 27 at 3:00pm

The CanEx Investor’s Pitch Session will showcase 8 pre-screened cannabis investment opportunities. Candidates will each have 7 minutes to pitch their business ideas to a room of accredited investors. The business opportunities will be limited to entities with operations that are predominantly in one of our focus territories, namely: Jamaica, Colombia, Mexico but will also be open to business ideas from the rest of the Caribbean. The type of business will not be limited but must be in the cannabis industry.


Investment Opportunities: Companies seeking to participate in this one-of-a kind session designed to connect qualified projects, with best of breed investors will be carefully screened by the CanEx team before being nominated for review by our selection committee. This Committee will make the final choices for inclusion in the session.


The final decision for inclusion of these finalists, will rest with our three-member screening committee. The finalists will submit a 1-page executive summary of their business and the investment opportunity for the review of participating Investors.


The session will be open to Accredited Investors who register in advance. There will be limited space.

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