Melissa ‘Mel’ Bloomfield

Mel’s TreeEats

Mel’s TreeEats entered the cannabis scene in 2015. In this not-so-legal, ‘gray’ sector of the industry, Mel has become something of a herb hero, giving it up for ganja at events such as High Times Cannabis Cup

  • Rastafari Roots Fest
  • Stepping High Ganja Fest
  • CanEx
  • Rebel Salute Herb Curb
  • Sumfest
  • Scarce Commodity 420
  • High Vibes Festival

Reigning Champion >>> Best Cannabis Edibles >>> Ganja Growers Association of Jamaica 2017/2018

Mel’s TreeEats, Jamaica’s trusted source for ganja edibles, finds great joy in educating ones about proper consumption. TreeEats are sold strictly to people aged 21 and older. Mel’s caters to 21-85 year-young regulars with recreational and medicinal requirements.

Melissa ‘Mel’ Bloomfield will be a panelist on the CanEx Webinar on Let’s Grow: Heights and Insights. For more information or to register please [click here]