CanEx Webinar: Let’s Grow

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CanEx Webinar: Let’s Grow

History of Jamaica & Caribbean Equatorial Sativas

Wednesday September 30, 2020
7:00p JA / 8:00p ET

The CanEx Let’s Grow Webinar Series will take a deep dive into key topics on cultivation in the Caribbean. The format will consist of 4-6 panelists and a moderator with the discussions lasting 60-90 minutes and taking place via videoconference.


Machel A. Emanuel


Tropical Horticulture

Department of Life Sciences, Faculty of Science and Technology
University of the West Indies

Haneesh Katnawer

Community Representative

Himalayan Hemp

Christopher M Walsh

Chief Operating Officer

CITIVA Jamaica

Edward ‘Firstman’ Wray

Director / Consultant

Rastafari Indigenous Village

Deepak Kumar Chaudhary


Indian Landrace Exchange