Psychedelics Summit

When: July 15- 16 | Where: Jewel Grande Resort, Montego Bay

Please note: Agenda is subject to change at any time



Wednesday July 14

Arrivals and Check-In
1900: Meet at Lobby Bar for Welcome and Drinks

Thursday July 15 - Day 1

0900 - 1000: Presentation: Doug Drysdale (V)

1000 - 1100: Panel - Psychedelics Through Time: Understanding the Path from Indigenous use to Modern Application

As we embrace the recent acceptance of psychedelics and the tremendous promise it offers for a range of ailments, it is also important that we understand its longstanding use amongst Indigenous cultures. These traditions and longstanding practices which go back hundreds of years, provide great insight into how psychedelics have been used and the ways in which they may continue to be used as they gain wider acceptance and understanding.
FirstmanMano TokaniDarren SpringerDeika MorrisonJustin Townsend

[Coffee Break]

1100 - 1200: Presentation: Psychedelics, the New Frontier in Psychiatry
Dr. Winston De La Haye

1200 - 1300: Discussion: Hon. Saboto Caesar and Hon. Floyd Green
Wayne Isaacs

1300 - 1400: LUNCH

1400 - 1500: Panel - Natural Medicine And the Challenge of Standardization. Understanding Patents and IP in The Psychedelics Industry 

Natural psychedelics like mushrooms, peyote, iboga or ayahuasca have been a part of humanity for centuries. While many advocates of natural medicine praise nature's ability to provide the tools we need for our own healing, there's an understandable need to produce standardized products in order to achieve governmental regulation. Most of the psychedelics being tested today in clinical trials are synthesized versions of naturally-produced drugs. What is lost and what is gained with this approach? What is the place of naturally-produced psychedelics in the future therapeutic landscape?

Grace LindoTesla La ToucheDr. Cliff RileySara Brittany Somerset

1500 - 1600: Panel - Psychedelic 2.0: New Compounds, New Molecules

Approval of "classic psychedelics" like MDMA, LSD and Psilocybin will open the floodgates to a sea of second generation molecules. These compounds are usually based on the psychedelics we know, but offer improved therapeutic traits. A number of companies in the space are already developing proprietary versions of these molecules that they expect to bring to market in a second wave of approvals.

Dr. Winston De La HayeDr. Lorenzo GordonAlexzander Samuelsson

Evening at Leisure

Friday July 16 - Day 2

0900 - 1000: Panel - Is Psychedelic Medicine for Everyone

Panelists: Kynan Cooke, Dr. Lorenzo GordonKeiko BeattieJustin Townsend

1000 - 1100: Presentation: Bruce Linton (via video)

[Coffee Break]

1100 - 1145: Panel - Building Revenue Today

The psychedelics industry is poised to become wildly successful once these drugs become legal. That puts companies in the delicate position of operating almost entirely on external capital until this happens. However, many companies are exploring ways of building revenue with the tools available today. This panel would explore some of the ways in which psychedelics companies can stay profitable as we wait for legalization.

PanelistsKeiko BeattieJustin Townsend, Terri-Pauline Smith, Sara Brittany Somerset

1145 - 1200: Dr. Charah Watson
Executive Director, SRC

1200 - 1300: Panel - Psychedelics And Biotech: A Blurred Line

Today, the psychedelics industry is its own animal. However, many believe that the industry will eventually become integrated into the biotech and pharmaceutical sectors. Are there any substantial traits of psychedelics that will allow them to maintain their symbolic independence? What are the possible pros and cons of becoming part of mainstream medicine?

PanelistsTesla La ToucheDr. Lorenzo GordonDr. Cliff RileyDr. Ivan Casselman

1300 - 1400: LUNCH

1400 - 1500: Panel - The Psilocybin Supply Chain

There are a few possible ways of producing psilocybin, from natural extraction, to man-made lab production. While each one carries its own costs and benefits, the industry has not yet reached consensus as to which one is the most effective. In this panel we'll hear experts share their opinions and debate over the best method of large scale psilocybin production.

PanelistsJasper DegenaarsDarren Springer, Kynan Cooke, Wayne Isaacs

1500 - 1600: Fireside: Cedella Marley (Marley One) and Douglas K. Gordon (Silo Wellness)

1930 - 2200: CanEx Cocktail Party 

Jewel Grande (at the end of the beach - the elevated grass area)
Dress Code: Elegantly Casual (heels are not recommended)