Ika Washington

Managing Director and Founder

Ika is the founder of DiversityTalk, a platform to engage and educate the public about minority health and alternative treatments through culturally competent education, events, and policy research. She has successfully worked on social and healthcare Policy reforms, piloted legal Cannabis diversity competency projects, developed awareness campaigns for health issues affecting African Canadians and Afro-Caribbeans (such as Sickle Cell Disease), and compiled countless reports on the social determinants of health of Black/African Canadians. Recently contributed as a researcher and writer on a feasibility study for a Canadian Institute for People of African Descent. When implemented, an institute will provide national leadership for African Canadians in research applied research and community engagement and development. She believes in working with all community members to address racism, anti-Black racism, injustices and inequities that historically affect targeted groups such as Africans and Indigenous peoples and the systematic barriers deeply rooted within our societies.

Ika Washington will be a panelist on the CanEx Webinar on Social Impact Investing. For more information or to register please [click here]