Keynote Speakers

Montel Williams – Celebrity Talk Show Host and Cannabis Advocate.

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Vicente Fox

Vicente Fox – Former President of Mexico

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Speakers & Panelists

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Ambassador R. James Woolsey – Former Director of CIA


Karel Janecek l Czech Billionaire, Philanthropist & Cannabis Investor

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Honourable Audley Shaw l  Minister of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture & Fisheries – Government of Jamaica


Jose Belen l CEO – Mission Zero

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Dr. Andres Lopez Valesco l Head of Fondo Nacional de Estupefacientes Colombia

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Senator Juan Manuel Galan l Colombia

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T’Shura Gibbs l CEO – Zimmer & Co.


Larisa E. Bolivar l Founder & Executive Director – Cannabis Consumers Coalition


Chris Walsh l Executive Editor  – Marijuana Business Daily


Dr. Uma Dhanabalan l Medical Doctors – Expert on the Endo Cannabanoid System

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Senator Aubyn Hill l Chairman – Economic Growth Council of Jamaica


Hon. Lascelles Chin l Executive Chairman – LASCO


Diane Edwards l CEO – JAMPRO

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Lorena Beltran l Director of CannabiSalud and COO Mexicannabis LLC