Brand Strategist

Alexia James is an eclectic Global Marketer. Her journey in start-ups and niche marketing began while at the University of the West Indies. Where she managed, coordinated, and successfully disrupted the marketplace in Jamaica with the first-ever tertiary-based youth marketing agency.

This coupled with her eclectic cultural knowledge and background saw her region hop to other islands pooling her skill set and resources to work with regional clients and brands, pitching for international start-up bodies in Europe, and being in the Tech stars incubator in the USA on behalf of these startups.

While still curating marketing initiatives and campaigns to bring the culture of Caribbean identity to the forefront through international brand partnerships and collaborations.
Now with the advent of digital intersecting technology, digital currency and art – her interests have combined to bolster the platform, awareness and opportunities for artists and creators from the Caribbean to have a footing in the NFT space. Working with artists within the region to launch the first sold-out Jamaican AR NFT collection and taking this NFT AR on tour throughout the diapsora