Angus Taylor

CEO – Med Plant Science

Angus Taylor has been at the forefront of the cannabis and psychedelics industries since 2016. After founding and then selling what was at the time Canada’s largest retail brick and mortar cannabis chain, NewLeaf Cannabis, Angus founded Infused Products International and Med Plant Science. Both companies are licensed and operating in Saint Vincent & the Grenadines.
Infused Products International is a cannabis and wellness company promoting its global CBD brand Amphora Health, and brokering medical cannabis sales to the EU. Med Plant Science is developing advanced psychedelic medications using its patented nano-encapsulation technology.
Angus is passionate about developing businesses that serve public good, and create maximum value for shareholders. Investing in developing technology in the Caribbean is a strategic decision, and only possible through bold leadership and policy development. Our commitment to invest in SVG speaks to the forward thinking of its leaders.