Dr. Annabelle Manalo-Morgan

Flora Growth Life Sciences – University of Manchester Clinical Trials

Masaya CBD was created by cell and developmental biologist Dr. Annabelle Manalo-Morgan,PhD for her son, Macario, who had 38% of his brain removed as a 5 week old baby. Predicted to never eat, walk, communicate, and function on his own, Dr. Annabelle took Macario off all medication at 6 months old and replaced it with a pure, potent dose of a cannabinoid formula that she developed specifically for him. The goal? To activate neuroplasticity and allow the brain to naturally compensate for the loss. Her plan worked. Macario is now 6 years old and a perfectly normal boy with no developmental deficits. He is entering into the 1st grade this year in Nashville, Tennessee where the Morgan family resides.

Now, with Flora Growth’s Life Sciences team, Dr. Annabelle seeks to advance the potential of natural plant science as a part of the new traditional precision based medicine protocols. Her collaborative efforts and deep down dive of the molecular science of cannabinoids seeks to bridge the gap between natural science and modern medicine. This “new medicinal protocol” skips no steps in the traditional pathway and has led to the collaboration with the University of Manchester in an upcoming Chronic Musculoskeletal Pain study where a large majority of patients have a Fibromyalgia diagnosis. While traditional clinical trials require a substantial amount of time and financial investment, Flora has been able to run phases of the study data in parallel and will continue to do so when the in patient portion of the study begins.

The upcoming clinical trial will be the first academia partnered, NHS approved study with measurable pain data through the UK Human Pain Group’s proprietary technique. Upon completion of the study, Masaya CBD will be a sure candidate for multiple claims starting with pain. Also, Flora Life Sciences will immediately begin the process for entering into trials with new indications within the globally collaborative scientific pipeline.