Herb of life cultivation LLC/ Green Block Development

I’m the first Black Woman with her own exclusive cannabis strain lines BlackGirlMagicOG, DecemberNightsOG, etc. First Lady has been studying cannabis since 2003 when she started consuming cannabis looking for a natural alternative instead of antidepressants, that was destroying her Kidneys and Livers. In 2009 First Lady started growing medical cannabis in Oakland, California. First Lady meet Dukeoferb/DukeofDoja in 2015 and that was when History was made, making the first lady the First Black Women with her own strain lines in the cannabis industry, BlackGirlMagicOG, FlotwcK, DecemberNightsOg, ShirleyRossOG. She is currently licensed in Jamaica with GreenBlockDevelpoment/Sarki Dispensary. She also has a collaboration with Barrett Farms in Emerald Triangle growing BlackGirlMagicOG! She believes if cannabis can change her life, it helps change others.