Actor and an Internationally Certified Yoga Teacher

Mallika aka Molly from India is an Actor and an Internationally Certified Yoga Teacher. She has been practicing and teaching yoga, meditation, pranayam for over 7.5 years. Molly loves to get her students more involved in yoga philosophy and urges them to get deeper into the practice focusing on meditation techniques, asanas and breath. She has worked with celebrities, industrialists ,luxury properties and clubs like Soho House etc. ‘The idea is to guide people on tight schedules. By helping them build a habit of working on their mind and body ‘ she says. Having worked in the domain industry she has been a part of the exhibitor teams at conferences like Namescon Las Vegas and SXSW, Texas. After quitting her job, she walked for major fashion weeks in India like the Lakme Fashion Week, India Couture Week etc. She also worked as an assistant director with production companies. As an actor she has been a part of the theater circuit, shot commercials, short films and does improv comedy .

‘Who made the rules? Why couldn’t one be free of the matrix, the shackles of living life only for the weekend?’ Her pursuit to build a life doing everything she loves (ideally surrounded by nature) continues. She also helps people with chronic pain healing in India, is taking forward Dr Sarno’s work and focusing on the importance of the mind-body connection. This is her way of giving back to society. An attempt to be a small part in ending the epidemic of mind body disorders.

The ministry of AYUSH(India’s ministry for Ayurveda, Yoga & Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha, and Homeopathy) has recently changed the cannabis laws in India to ‘being allowed for medical use’. Having studied the laws due to a national controversy in 2020, she understands that this is a huge step forward especially since ayurvedic medicine has traditionally always used certain parts of the cannabis plant.

Based in India, she works out of Goa and Mumbai, teaching and working on her passions worldwide.