Omar Barnett

CEO and Founder of Prospective Research Innovation Inc. and PRI Celestial Wellness

I am from Montego bay Jamaica and my family lives mostly in Montego Bay, but I grew up in Kingston. I attended Calabar High School in Kingston, Jamaica and I have four siblings between my mother and father.

It has now been over 20 years that I’ve relocated to the US. When I first moved to the US I lived with my father for a time, before venturing on my own. He’s an entrepreneur and he owns real estate properties and because I aspire to be a CEO like him I decided to start working in medical research to understand the process. I’ve worked from the bottom all the way to the top and in 2014 I decided to start my own medical research facility in Rancho Cucamonga California. The reason it’s important for me to help my family in Jamaica is because they do not have the same opportunities as me in Jamaica. That’s the reason I feel it’s very important to help the economy of Jamaica through medical tourism and that’s why I have partnered with Dr. Troy Byer and my beautiful wife Elvira Guzman Barnett to open a 31 hotel suite wellness Center to help patient who are mildly to chronically ill, both in Jamaica and around the world. We will have the most updated medication and medical equipment to better assist patient care and we will be introducing plant base medicine to facilitate their healing process. The wellness center will be in Negril Jamaica and we are looking to open May 2023.

What motivates me is helping my family and helping others who are suffering because perhaps their family may have an illness that the current medication is just simply not enough. I want to bring hope to people in those situations. A few of the tips that I would give to young men and women in Jamaica who are looking to become a success but perhaps so nowhere to start is simple… First I would say to just start because it’s never going to feel like it’s the right time. Two I would say to be resilient because if you’re going to be a business owner you’re going to encounter many obstacles that you will have to learn how to overcome and still have balance enjoying your life. And finally I would say to always remember to Give back and start with your family because they’re looking up to you and it’s important that you motivate and inspire them first. What’s next for me is to start the Reconstruction and development process of PRI Celestial Wellness in the Negril and also open up a medical research center at our wellness center so that we have the most up-to-date medication‘s and medical equipment for Jamaica patients. because my mom and my wife’s mom currently have stage four cancer we do plan to have them come to our center once it opens so that we are able to help them in their healing process as soon as possible. They are our true motivation.