Shawn Credle

CEO & President of Pineapple, Inc.

Shawn Credle is the CEO & President of Pineapple, Inc., a publicly traded cannabis corporation (Ticker Symbol: “PNPL”) which encommpasses Pineapple Express (cannabis dispensaries and delivery in California) and Pineapple Wellness (nation-wide delivery of CBD-only health and beauty products).

As a U.S. Marine Corps Veteran, Shawn leads Pineapple with both vision and purpose. His many entrepreneurial endeavors, tenure as a college professor, and multiple Master’s degrees in business/technology/education disciplines, afford him a unique perspective and expertise on leadership; which translates to overall organizational success and team unity. Recognized as a thought leader, Shawn serves as the public voice and culture carrier for Pineapple, Inc. and its affiliates.