Dr. Troy Byer

Founder of Mindology Fitness

Dr. Troy holds a Master’s degree from the Pacifica Graduate Institute in eco, liberation, and community psychology and a doctorate in clinical psychology from California Southern University. In addition, she is certified in industrial-organizational psychology, brainspotting and is a certified HeartMathfacilitator and court-appointed anger management, specialist. Dr. Troy’s commitment to social impact and community development runs deep. As a former community program leader for one of the largest global, transformational organizations, Dr. Troy supervised the development and restoration of over 300 under-served and underprivileged communities – worldwide. Dr. Troy’s social impact reach includes providing emotional rehabilitation for incarcerated females convicted of domestic abuse in Los Angeles County. Dr. Troy is also the founder of Mindology Fitness, a fun, effective, and affordable neuro-science-based program that provides participants with organic emotional and psychological tools needed to ensure their peace of mind is in their hands at all times. Currently, Mindology Fitness classes are practiced in over 200 prisons across the country and several early education schools across the globe – and expanding.

On a personal note, Dr. Troy spent a good deal of her life as an actress, writer, and director. She launched her acting career at the ripe age of four, appearing on Sesame Street as one of the six original cast members. Dr. Troy’s career as an adult actress includes starring roles on the 1980’s hit series, Dynasty, and The Cosby Show. Dr. Troy later wrote and directed films for major Hollywood studios, including Warner Brothers and Lionsgate.

Dr. Troy began her public speaking career at the ripe age of 17, presenting to civic organizations such as the Rotary Club, The Kiwanis club and more. To date, Dr. Troy continues to deliver life transforming workshops and develop training and development programs for specific populations in need of mind care tools. Dr. Troy continues to deliver powerful talks and programs to colleges, corporations, religious organizations and more. Dr. Troy’s topics include HeartMath, Alcohol and substance abuse, Gaming Addiction, Heartbreak Recovery, Frequency Medicine, Conquering Challenges, Suicide, Identity Formation, Inspired Leadership, Stress and Emotion Regulation.

In 2010 Dr. Troy excitedly exchanged her career in show business for her true passion – designing fun, effective and affordable ways to empower those who are powerless. The impetus for Dr. Troy’s true passion can be attributed to Dr. Troy’s turbulent childhood. Dr. Troy has an inspirational story to tell about surviving and being the victor of child abuse, child abandonment, juvie hall, and the foster care system. Dr. Troy is also the proud mother of a twenty-four-year-old son who recently earned a B.S. from the University of Southern California and a twenty-one-year-old daughter who recently completed her junior year in college at Arizona State University. Dr. Troy currently resides in Malibu, California. During her free time, Dr. Troy works with clients who are committed to alcohol and drug abuse recovery.