Wanda L. James

Founder and CEO of Simply Pure

Toi Hutchinson

President & CEO of Marijuana Policy Project

Jamie L Pearson

Speaker | CEO & President | Board Member | Consultant

Dr. Annabelle Manalo-Morgan

Flora Growth Life Sciences – University of Manchester Clinical Trials

Beau Whitney

Cannabis Economics, Operations and Supply Chain Expert

Hon. Saboto S. Caesar

Dr. The Honourable Norman Dunn

Minister of State

Dr. Machel Emanuel

Lecturer/ Researcher  in the Department of Life Sciences

Colin Fraser

Technological Innovator

Daenia Ashpole

Interim CEO of the Cannabis Licensing Authority

Dr Natalie Corthésy

Associate Dean Faculty of Law UWI Mona


Co-Founder & Director of the  Rastafari indigenous village in Montego Bay

Delano Seiveright

Snr. Advisor & Strategist
Government of Jamaica

Dr Lorenzo Gordon

Consultant in Internal Medicine and a Biochemist


Reggae Artist

Brian Hart

Project Manager at Canna Advisor

Dr. Carlie Bell-Biggins

Cannabis Physician, Monaco

Dr. Darryl Hudson

Expertise in molecular biology, neuroscience, and genetics in psychedelics

Farrah Zargaran

Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Co-Founder of Virtudes

Matthew J McCarthy

Counsel and Prosecutor

Irie Selkirk

Co – Founder of GoodCap Pharmaceuticals

Annette J. Henry, JP

General Legal Practice & Specialize in Regulatory and Cannabis Industry related matters.

JC Chidiac

Horticultural Engineer

Roy Liu

Founder and CEO of Everyting Oily Labs Ltd

Jill Carreiro

Vice President & Sales Orange Photonics

Lance Lambert

CMO, Grove Bags

Matt Kurtzmann

Data scientist and Founder of Canold

Bob Hoban

Clark Hill Partner
Co-Chair of the Cannabis Industry Group

Megan Hughes

General Manager and a founding member of Trilogy Wellness

Mila Marshall

Education Committee of the National Cannabis Industry Association

Tahir Johnson

Founder and CEO of Simply Pure

Keila Santos

Activist and Founder of Revivid USA/Brazil

Ryan Tatum

Chief Commercial Officer at Grove Bags

Sarah Bodnar

California-based cannabis policy advisor & lobbyist

Sen Shanika Roberts Odle

Barbados Medicinal Cannabis Licensing Authority

James Ochse

Chief Agronomy Officer for Mavuno

Summer Westerbur

Founder of Kairos Insurance Group Cannabis Division


Reggae Artist

Angus Taylor

CEO – Med Plant Science

Keiko Beatie

Director of Education & Outreach for Coral Cove Wellness Resort

Dasez Scott

Creative Director

Sara Brittany Somerset

Managing Editor at Psychedelia Magazine

Dr. Tamika S. Haynes

Inscape Health Group, Neuropsychologist

Dr Cliff Riley

Consultant for the International Trade Centre, Geneva on Food Safety and Product Innovation in the Caribbean, Africa and the Pacific

Irene Moore

Founder of Light Garden Wellness & Certified CBD Advisor

1st Lady Of The West Coast

Herb of life cultivation LLC/ Green Block Development

Alexia James

Brand Strategist

Niambe McIntosh

Executive of Peter Tosh Legacy and Brand

Gramps Morgan

Reggae Artist

Alexandra Chong

Founder and CEO of JACANA

Jason Washington

Chief Executive Officer Kulture, Inc

Jill Mckenzie Burr

Co-Founder of Enlighten Cannabis

James Burr

Co-Founder of Enlighten Development, Inc


Actor and an Internationally Certified Yoga Teacher

Ann Marie Sorrell

President & Founder, Cannabiziac

Tridib Nandy

Lifestyle Entrepreneur

Wabba Clayton

Founder and CEO of Wabba’s Weed Adventures and Tours

Omar Barnett

CEO and Founder of Prospective Research Innovation Inc. and PRI Celestial Wellness

Girish Ahirwar

Co-Founder & Director
Create Protocol

Dr. Troy Byer

Founder of Mindology Fitness

Kathie Lennon

CEO of KML Agro Consulting Ltd

Ambassador Priest Richmond Mckinney

Founder, Rich Co.

Mair-Toby, Caroline

lawyer and International Environmental Law Specialist

Wayne V. Isaacs

Director & CEO of Green Stripe Naturals Ltd.

Shawn Credle

CEO & President of Pineapple, Inc.

Angela Blessed

Blessed Edibles – CANAMO

Danielle Burt

Founder – Toke & Tour LTD – CANAMO

Wayne Greenaway

Tundra Technical Solutions – CANAMO

Stephane Toupin

Ntosia Technologies

Barbara Blake-Hanna

Cultural Consultant, Ministry of Culture, Gender, Entertainment & Sport
Board Member, Cannabis Licensing Authority

Mark Goliger

CEO, President and Board Member
Innerpath Wellness

Vicki Hanson

Chairperson of the Board of Directors
International Drug Policy Consortium

Oral Heaven

Oral D. Heaven MBA, JP President, Montego Bay Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Michael Lanscell Henry

Gerardo Velez