Edward ‘Firstman’ Wray

Director / Consultant Rastafari Indigenous Village

Edward ‘Firstman’ Wray

Edward ‘Firstman’ Wray graduated from High School and headed to the working world of construction to support himself. Thereafter he engaged with many short-term educational courses in vocational programmes on the path to growth and self-improvement. He continues on this path.

‘Firstman’ joined as a construction manager in 2006 at Shoppes Rose Hall, evolving into Operations Maintenance Manager when the plaza opened.

In 2008 ‘Firstman’ founded the Rastafari Indigenous Village (RIV). ‘Firstman’ is a Rastafari; Co-conceptualizer; Director of Operations; General Manager; Tour Director, and persons responsible for Construction physical construction of the facility. He is also responsible for marketing and promotions and projects and events.

‘Firstman’ represents the RIV and also sits on a number of committees on the topics of Rastafari, Wellness, Intellectual Property and legalization of Marijuana in Jamaica. He is also a member of other Indigenous communities and of the ‘Slow Food’ movement.

Edward ‘Firstman’ Wray will be a panelist on the CanEx Webinar on Let’s Grow: Heights and Insights.