To Deliver the Experiences

Machel Emanuel


Toby Moorsom

Postdoctoral research fellow

Ryan Francis

Divisional Manager - Product Research & Develoment

Vicki Hanson

Regional Coordinator

Selena DeLeon


Enrico Bonadio

Reader in Intellectual Property Law

Chaunce Dunbar


Yentyl Williams

Director of Strategy (CAPRI) & IP Tutor (UWI)

Nick Murray

CEO (Wake Network)

George Love

Dr. of Chinese Medicine

Cynthia Elliott

Founder (ShamanIsis)

Kynan Cooke

CEO (Psacred Therapeutics)

Carla Kieffer

Certified Psychedelic Practitioner and Psychedelic Educator

Rob Perry

VP Business Development

Glenwood Ferguson

Cannabis Consulting

Hawaii Mike Salman

Founder (Chef for Higher)

Amin Haines

Shaman (Sacred Earth Healing Center)

Wabba Clayton

Co-Founder and Owner / CEO

Sara Brittany Somerset

Reporter (Cannabis & Tech today)

M. Omari Jackson

Founder/ Publisher (Ganjactivist.com Magazine)

Orland Yee

President & CEO (Kanha Technology Solutions)

Michael Henry

Author/Artist (Ganjamaicart Gallery and Publishing Ltd)

A.C. Moon Cameron

Patented Inventor International Educator

Desiree Pascale-Eckhouse

President (Foundation Human Kindness )

Dr Magalie Brewer

CEO (Healing Escapes)

Jamila Owens-Todd

Naturopathic Doctor/Chief Science Officer (MINT)

Marcus Ramkissoon

Lead Cannabis Advisor (CannaGreen Consultancy)

JC Chidiac

Senior Director of Research and Development (Re-Nuble)

Necole Hines

Founder/CEO (Faded Living )

Julie Fry

Consultant (LERN Herstory)

Winston De la Haye

Consultant Addiction and General Psychiatrist

Nathanael John

Digital Creator/Podcast Producer

Colin Fraser

Owner (Upling LLC)

Chief Richard Currie

Elected Leader (Accompong Maroons)

Angelleath James

Mental Health Specialist (JANEXCO)

Sakara Barnes

Founder / CEO (Four Twenty LLC.)

Dalton Gray

Founder & President HD Global

Hunter Landis

Founder & CEO HD Global

Chika Ozongwu

Research Assistant (University of the West Indies)

Yoav Giladi

Cannabis genetics expert

Kindred Self Healer

Self Healing Guide

Oswald Smith

CEO (StrainIQ)

Rupika Delgoda

Professor and Natural Products Researcher

Jahlani Niaah

Lecturer in Cultural and Rastafari Studies, Institute for Caribbean Studies

Isaac Morrison

Manager and Senior Chemist

Kimberley Foster

Senior Research Biologist

Errol Jaky Haughton

Member (Ganja Growers and Producers Association of Jamaica)

Benedicte Mannix

Holistic psilocybin therapist