Roz McCarthy

Founder/CEO M4MM

Roz McCarthy

Roz McCarthy is the Founder/CEO of Minorities for Medical Marijuana Inc a national nonprofit organization representing the Cannabis and Hemp industry. She is also the CEO/President of The Genesis Group a full-service Cannabis consulting firm and Managing Partner of Plant Life Company a full spectrum Cannabis nutrient company.

Roz displays her radiant energy, passion, and fearlessness as the Founder/CEO of Minorities for Medical Marijuana, Inc. she is responsible for the day to day operations and is the chief strategist involved in developing advocacy, education, and marketing campaigns to promote awareness, information, and education about the efficacy of cannabis and the viability of hemp. It is a varied role that includes planning, marketing, advertising, public relations, event organization, fund development, sponsorship, and research.

The work is often challenging and fast-paced. When asked should marijuana be legalized for medical use, without hesitation Roz boldly says yes! “In 1983 my father lost his vision due to glaucoma and in 2005 my mother passed away after a courageous battle against breast cancer. I’m sure if medical marijuana were a viable option then the medicine could have made a difference and improved their quality of life.”